Tears without Words (Extended) | (دموع بلا كلمات (الطبعة الموسعة

A poem, extended in English with addition of original Arabic translation. | قصيدة ممتدة بالإنجليزية مع ترجمة عربية أصلية.

I cry,
In the Middle-East.
Tear pouring liberally
To lubricate the feelings,
Made so rough by the sand lying on every corner.
Whose pain impails me like the tip of the Burj Khalifa,
And whose joy makes tumble and fall down a dune,
With love in whom my stability is moved like shifting dune
And God whose brightness reflected on glass sand would dry out my eyes
If it were not for my tears.

I cry,
In love.
Warmth of presence made months of dreams
And long nights of immeasurable loneliness
Melt away in the warmth of a hand held.

I cry,
In God.
Whose existence I ponder in awe,
And grace humbles my heart to nothingness.

I cry,
In hurt.
Mother’s mockery of my tears,
When I visit a mosque and witness the authenticity of humanity seeking to worship God.

I’m crying
أنا أبكي
Without words
بدون كلمات
Because you have my heart
لأنك تمتلك قلبي
You are my heart
انت قلبي
A broken heart
قلبي المكسور

I am back to authenticity,
I feel no anxiety or depression,
I am free to feel raw emotion,
I cry liberally at something sad,
Or something inspiring, or joyful.

Written on 24th October 2021,
after leaving Melbourne’s lockdown.



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Spencer Beadle

Spencer Beadle

Fascinated by anthropology, philosophy, theology. Wish to learn about every type of human out there.